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Once More, With Feeling | Mason and Emerson


Emerson still gaped at Mason. It was so surprising that someone wouldn’t like sports! “I dunno, maybe for the exercise!! Or for the fun of it!? It doesn’t need to be intense or anything! Even throwing a ball or kicking one is fun!” Shaking his head, Emerson ran a hand through his hair. Mason sure was interesting. He was worth getting to know in Emerson’s book, though. “It’s not that dangerous! Plus the pond freezes over I’m sure! Were you any good?” It was so strange how Mason’s mind worked, really. 

And the Books! Mason will all of his books! “I’m sure books are good, I mean don’t get me wrong. But damn, reality is good too! You gotta look up every once in a while! This place is actually kind of pretty! In a weird mental hospital sort of way!” Emerson giggled and shrugged slightly, He knew people back home like Mason, maybe not as bad, but he definitely had people similar. Of course they never wanted to be friends with him. Mason didn’t seem like he wanted Emerson around either. Somehow, that encouraged him to try harder. 

Biting his lip nervously, Emerson looked back over at Mason with his big, hopeful eyes, “I don’t need to have someone who enjoys everything I do…that takes away the fun. It’s too singular. I like people who are different than me. Why is it so damn hard for people to like me back? You don’t know my ‘type’ because I don’t think I fit into any one category. I think that’s part of the reason why the therapist is perplexed by me. I want us to be friends, Mason!” Emerson shifted slightly and brought himself just a little closer to Mason. “Please, don’t be like everyone I ever knew in high school. If I whisper would that be better,” he whispered the last part loudly before giving a big goofy smile. 

Mason simply shrugged, holding his ground. Of course he was right. He was always right. Why people couldn’t understand that was beyond him. “I don’t like exercise. There’s not a point to it. There’s nowhere to run here. You can’t go past the fence. Why bother with something that’s ultimately going to be pointless?” Emerson just didn’t get it. He was like everyone else that Mason had ever come across. “I was alright. I didn’t…play on a team or anything. It’s been years since I’ve gone out.” With his luck, he’d probably fall and hurt himself. That wasn’t appealing at all. Better to stay inside and stay safe.

As he heard Emerson speak, Mason’s brow furrowed. “Reality is terrible. That’s why I like books.” He didn’t have any friends in the real world. Why bother with sadness when he could be happy in a fantasy world? And with the sheer number of books he had, he’d never get bored or lonely. New ones were always finding their way into his collection. Now that he had more or less stopped going to therapy, he had all kinds of time to read.

Still…Emerson wouldn’t just leave him alone. Mason thought he knew the type. “I know what you’re like. You’re so…flighty. Always looking for the next best thing. I’m content with where I’m at. I don’t want to do activities. I like staying in. I like reading. You can’t change that!” Nobody could change him, no matter how hard they tried. As Emerson moved closer, Mason shifted back. He kept a protective grip on his book, certain that Emerson would try to steal it if he left his guard down. “I didn’t go to high school,” he responded. “So I wouldn’t know. I’m sure you can find people that did, though. They seem to be in the majority.”

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Once More, With Feeling | Mason and Emerson


Mouth falling open, Emerson gasped. “You don’t play sports? Like…at all?!” He thought it was in every boy’s nature, really, even if they didn’t enjoy them. Then Mason mentioned skating and Emerson shrugged. “See that counts as something!! Are you any good? Every time I skate I end up flat on my ass! But I still try. I’d love to be a speed skater. How fun would that be?!” Giggling, Emerson stepped towards Mason just a little more. The guy seemed to keep his distance rather blatant.

God Dammit, Em, why doesn’t anyone like you? He quickly shook off the thought though, there was no need for negativity right now. Not when he was trying to make friends. “It is definitely worth it!!! Trust me, the height is nice! The areal view, the breeze, everything. I’m sure it’s better than some of the books you read.”

Emerson rubbed his temples and sighed heavily. Here we go, more people trying to shove him away. “‘More suited to your tastes’,” he mimicked, “That’s bull. You don’t have to be alike to get along or enjoy someone’s company! Why am I so intent on befriending you? More like why are you so intent on shoving me away when you don’t even know me?” Flinching back, Emerson bit his lip. He wasn’t speaking harshly, he hardly ever did, but it was an honest to God question. “I just wanted to make a friend here..” he murmured, shrugging and shoving his hands into his pockets. 

Mason looked up at Emerson, shrugging once. “I don’t see the need to.” He didn’t eat much, and made sure he got enough exercise. Anything else was superfluous. Besides, he didn’t have friends to run around with. Emerson was obviously out of the picture, since simply holding a conversation with him was exhausting. “I haven’t been out in years. And it’s dangerous.” No way the supervisors at Belfry would let anyone fly around with knives strapped to their feet. He didn’t miss skating anyway. It had just been a way to pass the time, like most things.

"Nothing is better than the books I read." Mason hugged the book in his lap, almost defensively. How dare Emerson suggest that! Books were the only thing that kept him going in a place like this. Although…it was rather nice to simply follow orders. Everything in Belfry was structured, safe. Even if he’d rather read a book than attend therapy sessions, Mason appreciated the sentiments behind the structure. It was better than being out in the real world, at least. Here, he was safe.

As he looked up at Emerson once again, Mason shifted ever-so-slightly away. People weren’t allowed to get close to him. He didn’t like that. “I’m just saying, you’ll have a much better time if you find someone who enjoys the same activities as you. You don’t have to simply…latch on to the first person you see. Everything I have is planned out. Calculated. I don’t take on unnecessary risk. I don’t need any friends. There are a lot of people here. Statistically, you should be able to find someone much more compatible. I don’t need to know you. I know your type. And I don’t associate myself with…with loud people.”

Home Is Where The Heart Is || Emerson and Mason


Emerson was enjoying the time he was having with his boyfriend in their new apartment. They were unpacking things together and the trying on clothes was definitely something Emerson was thoroughly having fun with. He loved keeping Mason on his toes and while he knew the guy found his own excitement in the books he read, Emerson still liked changing things up. 

"We are happy!” Emerson hollered, kissing his boyfriend on the lips and pulling back to smile. “I don’t think there’s a possibility of me being sad around you. So long as I have you, I’ll be smiling and at my full potential.” Wrapping his arms around Mason, Emerson nuzzled his cheek and pulled back. Mason just was so adorable, everything that Emerson could possibly want. If he had put together a boy just for himself, he would be Mason. Their differences made their chemistry stronger.

And of course Mason’s blushing always made things better. Grinning, Emerson held up the lingerie just a little higher and waggled his eyebrows. “Aren’t they pretty?? I wanted to wear them one night for you buuut…I thought I’d let you break them in first. Whenever you feel comfortable, that is.” If Mason ever felt comfortable. Emerson hoped that maybe Mason would want to surprise him at some point. A guy could dream about his boyfriend in black lace, couldn’t he?  

Shrugging, Emerson stepped closer to Mason and stroked the soft fabric in between his fingers. “I dunno…I guess my mind wanders…and then I wanna make what it thinks up happen. I mean…don’t these appeal to you at all?” He kisses Mason’s cheek, the soft skin still flushed, and pulled back to smile at him, eyes sparkling. “You can’t tell me you’ve never thought of someone in lingerie before. Even if it wasn’t for normal purposes.” 

"Of course we’re happy!" Mason grinned and kissed Emerson back. "I’ll always be here for you. I promise." As long as he had Emerson, he knew he could do anything he set his mind to. They were far stronger together than apart, and Mason couldn’t get enough of his boyfriend. Still, there was the matter of Emerson’s…rather eclectic taste…

Mason couldn’t believe Emerson has actually gone out and bought lingerie. It was such an Emerson thing to do, but Mason never would have expected it to go in quite this direction. Normally they were fairly…what was the term for it? Vanilla, as Leo would say. Actually, he would probably say boring. Mason couldn’t say that he hated it, honestly. He didn’t like to dwell too much on fantasy, or even consider the idea that he had fantasies to begin with. Sex belonged in the bedroom. Not…not anywhere else, no matter what Emerson thought.

"I don’t have fantasies," he said plainly. "Especially not of…that nature." Mason gulped, rubbing the back of his neck. Couldn’t Emerson put those away? Did they have to be so…out in the open? He’d been with Emerson for a year already; why was he still so shy? “We should keep unpacking. Leo should be here any minute.” Mason hastily reached for a new box, opening it quickly. He could still feel his face burning as he started pulling out books, and began searching for a place to set them.

As he heard the doorbell, Mason couldn’t have felt more relieved. Maybe Emerson would drop the whole…underwear thing, and they could calm down. Or…he could calm down, rather. Mason couldn’t believe how hard he was blushing. How embarrassing…

Home Is Where The Heart Is || Emerson and Mason


"Not at all! I don’t burn! How crazy, right?! I still prefer pop up books, though. They’re more fun." Grinning, Emerson nudged his boyfriend and kissed his cheek. Mason had gotten him more intrigued into reading. Hell, he had actually read his first chapter book thanks to this guy. His parents had never been more proud. He’s good for you, Emmy. Yeah, yeah, Emerson had known that the minute he met Mason. Instantly knew that he was going to be his. Now look at him, all mine

Emerson hopped around their bedroom, happier than a peach. Something about being so close to with Mason made Emerson even more chipper, more content with life. He wasn’t constantly searching for the next best thing because the next best thing was Mason. Every day he learned something new about him and every new thing he loved. 

He shrugged helplessly and laughed a little. “You do too! Don’t be so down on yourself!” Turning Mason’s advice back on him was always fun. They didn’t need to be so down on themselves when they were this happy. They had one another and that was perfectly fine. Leaning in, Emerson kissed him softly and touched his cheek. “Maaaaybe….but I still think it’s big. This apartment is perfect for us, Mase. We’ll be happy here..” 

He was pretty content going through their clothes. He giggled at Mason’s response back to him with the scarf and Emerson quickly wrapped it around Mason in return. “Now you’re the ridiculous one and I’m the one who’s loving you anyway, but that’s okay.” Skirting off, Emerson dove deeper into the box, searching for some of the things he’d bought himself and Mason but never had the courage to show. Pulling out some laced underwear, Emerson waggled his eyebrows. “What do you think of these bad boys? I saw them and I had to have them! I think you’d look good in them.” In fact, Emerson had fantasies after he’d bought them. A guy could dream, couldn’t he? 

Besides, who wouldn’t like the thought of Mason in black lace, bent over with the soft skin of his ass hanging up in the air. “I have a matching pair,” he giggled, waving them around. 

"Well I guess I can’t argue with that." Mason smiled and wrapped an arm around Emerson’s shoulders, giving him a quick squeeze before his boyfriend managed to slip away. It was fun, seeing how happy he was. Mason felt the same way, though his feelings were a little less apparent. Nobody could make him as happy as Emerson could. That was a fact. And nobody else quite managed to get him out of his shell the way Emerson could. Even if Mason sometimes preferred to stay in his shell, he still appreciated everything Emerson did for him.

This was also probably the most fun he’d had in a long time. Maybe it was the excitement of finally having a place to call his own. Well, his and his boyfriend’s. Mason sincerely doubted he’d be this happy if he was moving into an apartment by himself. No, Emerson was definitely the reason for the grin on his face. And there was absolutely nothing wrong with that. “I’m not being down on myself! It’s the truth.” Emerson was far better looking, at least as far as he was concerned.

"Look at us. We’re happy already." Mason smiled and kissed Emerson’s cheek. "It’s a little big. But that just leaves more room for you to run around." He chuckled as Emerson draped the scarf around him, nodding thoughtfully. "Of course," he said, "and I love you for that." And then Emerson pulled something else out of the box - something completely unexpected.

Mason felt his heart drop into his stomach, as well as the near-instantaneous rush of blood to his face. He immediately felt warm, and knew that even his ears were red. “Emerson!” he said, shocked. Where did he even…? Why? He couldn’t even verbalize anything beyond his boyfriend’s name. Maybe it was a little embarrassing that something that simple could catch him so off guard. But those were… dear god, where had Emerson even gotten something like that?

He couldn’t even properly verbalize his thoughts, which were stuck somewhere between near-arousal and complete mortification. Leave it to his boyfriend to come up with something that surprising. Mason settled for hiding his face in the scarf, trying to will away the blush. “Where do you even come up with these things?”

Once More, With Feeling | Mason and Emerson


Mason clearly didn’t notice how strong he was. Let alone know what his build looked like. From Emerson’s point of view, Mason was fine as hell and he just was too innocent-or something-to have knowledge of that. “It was far!” Emerson grinned. His smile faultered just a moment when Mason spoke. “Well…what kind of sports do you like..? I mean…they’re really fun. Especially when you can play with someone else. I promise you’ll like it! Have you ever played before?” Emerson just wanted a friend, dammit, why was that so hard for him to achieve?! Everyone gave him the cold shoulder the minute he smiled. Why? 

He couldn’t think about that, though. He just had to try and make Mason like him. “Well…maybe someday I’ll get up there. Heights are fun! I mean…you don’t have to stand on the edge or anything, but just being up there..the breeze feels so nice running through your hair and you get a nice areal view. It’s really pretty. I like it. Sometimes I sit on the edge.” Shrugging, Emerson smiled softly at Mason, wishing he wasn’t so defiant. 

Emerson shrunk back at Mason’s small snap. “Oh-kay…” he murmured, feeling his chances starting to slip. “Do you want to throw the frisbee again..? Or what would you like to do? I don’t wanna go back to my room yet it’s too quiet in there and it kinda drives me crazy.” 

Mason watched Emerson, head tilted slightly. He certainly was…someone interesting. A character, as his mother would say. Mostly though, he was a little…annoying. Persistent, at the very least. “I don’t play sports.” Would Emerson start giving him that sad look again? Mason hoped not. As a concession he added, “I can skate.” The idea of playing an actual sport with Emerson didn’t appeal to him, though. In fact, sports in general weren’t appealing. Mason could see their uses, of course, but theory was always different from practice.

As he looked up again, Mason’s brow furrowed. He could imagine the feeling, of course. Emerson’s description…actually sounded nice. He just needed to expand on it a little. “You aren’t allowed up there. Is it really worth it?” Was he that desperate? Mason couldn’t imagine the feeling. Wait. He…could, actually. Only he liked books instead of annoying people.

"I don’t know why you’re so intent on befriending me." That was the one thing he was really confused about. "You’d probably be much happier with someone more suited to your tastes." Honestly, he wasn’t that interesting, especially to someone like Emerson, someone who needed constant stimulation. Mason was fine with staying still in one place for a long time. They had barely gotten outside and already Emerson wanted to move on. Either way, it wasn’t his job to think of things to do.

Once More, With Feeling | Mason and Emerson


Emerson was so happy to be outside. He hadn’t had someone to be around like this in forever. If he had it his way, he’d be able to hang out with everyone at Belfry. However, not everyone wanted to be around him. Mason was all he had right now and truth be told, he’d be sad if he lost him. Even if they hardly knew each other. Emerson was just hoping he found a friend in Mason. He’ll probably find you annoying like everyone else, a small voice told him. No. Not this time.

"Aw come on, you don’t seem like you’d be too bad at sports!" Grinning, Emerson patted Mason’s shoulder and nodded his head. "I mean you have some pretty broad shoulders an all! Plus, you threw that frisbee like a thousand yards! That’s pretty intense!" Emerson cackled and put his hands on his hips as he caught his breath. He chewed on his lip nervously, gazing at Mason’s face and praying maybe they’d be able to take something away from their time today, even if they weren’t done yet. "Maybe we could play P.I.G. or H.O.R.S.E. over at the basketball sometime!" 

He looked back up and followed the gutters of Belfry all across the top. Sighing heavily, Emerson shook his head. “If there’s a will there’s a way! The roof is cool! I love heights. How long have you been here? You haven’t once gone to the roof? I mean if you haven’t been here long I totally understand but like..I’m dying to go up there. It’d be so fun!!” Laughing, Emerson shook Mason a little. “Won’t you go up with me if I ever figure out a way? Pretty please with a cherry on top!?” 

"I don’t enjoy sports." Mason could play them, sure, and he was reasonably good at skating. But all that had fallen by the wayside once he’d gotten older. And now he didn’t enjoy running around. Especially with someone as loud as Emerson. "It wasn’t that far…" Did he really? Mason wasn’t exactly set on his appearance. He knew he looked far younger than he actually was, but didn’t imagine himself having any desirable characteristics.  "I don’t like basketball either." Was he being rude? He hoped not. It was so hard to tell nowadays. But he really didn’t want to spend more time with Emerson than he had to.

Mason glanced at Emerson, then back at the roof. “It’s forbidden. They’ll put you in solitary if they find out that you broke any rules.” It was hard to follow Emerson’s train of thought; he spoke so fast and it was nearly impossible to answer all of his questions. Especially the ones that confused him. Mason’s brow furrowed and he looked down. How long had he been here at Belfry? It had to be…some years, at least. Time was funny that way. But Emerson seemed to be moving on so Mason ignored that thought for now. “I don’t like heights. And I don’t have a reason to go up to the roof.”

When Emerson shook him, he flinched away. “Don’t touch me.” Mason didn’t like people touching him. His parents had given him hugs when he asked, of course, but they’d more or less kept a certain amount of distance between them. They preferred to focus on his education. That was how they showed they cared about each other. It still didn’t change the fact that he wasn’t fond of people touching him, especially strangers.

Home Is Where The Heart Is || Emerson and Mason


Grinning at Mason, Emerson laughed and tugged at his wrist. They were going to play dress up whether he liked it or not. The clothes would get put away, eventually. “Me and books! Yep. You’ve changed me. I’m an enlightened man,” he joked. In all actuality, Mason did change him. He wasn’t so wound up all the time. His boyfriend was a source of relaxation. Calming. Almost. Emerson still went crazy sometimes but having Mason around made it even better. Especially when he got in on it, too. 

Emerson could’ve kept his hands all over Mason if he’d let him. Except once his hands were on him for too long he started to get antsy because their clothes were too restricting and bare skin on bare skin was always nice. Mason wouldn’t let him get distracted tonight, sadly. “So…I was thinking we could have the closet set up in a way where one side is mine and one side is yours. Since our…’nice’-worthy-of-being-hung-up clothes are different. And the drawers can be for all the things we share.” 

He leaned forward and nuzzled into Mason’s cheek. “You know how I love wearing your t shirts,” he murmured. Mason’s always seemed to be softer. However they were bigger and Emerson was beginning to like that. When they reached the bedroom, Emerson skipped away from Mason and spun around in the center. “It feels so biiiiig without any furniture!” 

Quickly going over to the boxes, Emerson ripped them open. “OOps…you wanted to save these, didn’t you? I know we can get some boxes at the alcohol store if we need extras ever. But I…like to think we’ll be staying here for a while.” He pulled out one of Mason’s scarfs and wrapped it around himself. “How do I look, dahling?” he asked, lowering his gaze to make eye contact. 

Mason laughed, following after Emerson eagerly. No encouragement was needed this time. “You are enlightened,” he said jokingly. “Even just a little bit. At least it doesn’t burn when you touch a book anymore.” See? He could make jokes too. All in all, Mason thought they did make a good pairing. Emerson managed to pull him out of his shell a little, and Mason brought Emerson back down to earth when he needed it. They were good for each other, no matter what anyone else said.

As he followed Emerson, Mason looked around slowly. It was a nice place, really, and he knew they’d make it theirs. Even if they didn’t have a bed right now. Leo was definitely getting a lecture when Mason was through with this. “That’s a good idea,” he said with a smile. “So they don’t get ruined.” Never mind the fact he had to spend ages ironing out all of Emerson’s things anyway. He had no idea how all of Emerson’s clothes managed to get so wrinkled. “I like sharing.” Even though most of Emerson’s clothes were a little tight on him, Mason still loved the way they smelled.

When Emerson leaned in, Mason wrapped an arm around him. He stroked his fingers through Emerson’s hair, enjoying the softness. “You look better in them than I do,” he murmured. It was true. Emerson could pull almost anything off, though. Mason had no idea how he did it. He laughed as Emerson spun away, crossing his arms. “It would look smaller if we had a bed!” This was the last time he depended on Leo for anything. At least anything with time constraints.

Mason sighed as Emerson started destroying the boxes. “We could use them for storage! Or…we could have…” Now it looked like they were destined for the recycling bin. Oh well, maybe next time. Mason smiled and nodded. “I guess you’re right. We’re going to be here for a while.” Maybe indefinitely. But no matter where they ended up, hopefully they were together. As Emerson pulled out one of his scarves, Mason had to laugh. “You look ridiculous, darling,” he replied, imitating Emerson’s accent. “But I love you anyway.”

Once More, With Feeling | Mason and Emerson


Mason’s bitterness towards Emerson was kind of hurtful, to be honest. Emerson secretly was looking for someone who would actually find some enjoyment with his company. No one did, as far as he was concerned. Even in high school, it was like they only hung out with him just to keep him occupied for an hour or two. Then they made some story about how they were going home. But when Emerson came to school on Monday, he heard about some party they went to, his heart sinking deep into his stomach.

Even they were annoyed with you. Now Mason was, too, and he didn’t even know him. Noyou can do this. His mother told him he would make friends here, people who understood him. “Not everyone. I believe there will always be someone.” Smiling, Emerson straightened up when Mason put his book down. Finally! His eyes sparkled when Mason threw the frisbee and he cackled. “Wow! You threw it super far! Great job!” Emerson sprinted off, feeling the breeze brush against his skin. He prayed Mason wouldn’t leave him while he was getting the frisbee. When he turned around and saw him still sitting, Emerson spun around, smiling to himself.

There’s hope, yet. Stretching out his arms as if he were a plane, Emerson swerved around a tree and headed back to the bench where his-hopefully-new friend was. “You should play frisbee golf! You’re good at throwing! I tried once but I ended up just hitting people.” Shrugging, Emerson handed the frisbee back to Mason. “Do you like heights?” he asked as his curiosity perked, glancing up at the roof. 

There had to be an easier way to do this. Mason was starting to get anxious now that he had been away from his room for so long. Wasn’t he supposed to be getting back? What if something happened to his books while he was away? Someone could break into his room and steal them, or hurt them… Mason wrapped his arms a little tighter around his book, feeling a surge of protectiveness. How dare they! Now how could he get away from Emerson in order to check on his books?

Thankfully, the frisbee provided a solution. Mason was tempted to leave as he watched Emerson scamper off. It would be easy enough to go back inside and pretend he had never met the kid. But something kept Mason sitting on that bench, waiting for the return of his…no, they weren’t friends. What were they, exactly? Mason shifted in his spot, trying to come up with the word. It was harder than he thought, and Emerson interrupted him before he could come up with a decent answer anyway.

"I’m not good at sports." What kind of a sport was that supposed to be anyway? It didn’t make sense. Mason could imagine Emerson enjoying it though. It seemed like Emerson would enjoy anything so long as he got to run around. How exhausting. He - somewhat reluctantly - took the frisbee again. "No," he said simply, following Emerson’s gaze. "The door to the roof is locked. They usually monitor it too." He remembered one incident…no, best to forget about it. Hearing about people dying was always sad, even if he knew what would happen to them once their bodies were gone.

Home Is Where The Heart Is || Emerson and Mason


Mason’s voice flowing effortless with french seriously made Emerson weak at the knees. He tightened his arms around Mason easily and nuzzled into his cheek, enjoying how soft he was. “I try my best, it’s..really only for you,” he joked. Emerson at least was always nice to Mason. Other people, not so much. If he liked you, sure. If you found some reason to piss him off once, ehhhh not so much.

Emerson glanced around the apartment and sighed happily. He was actually going to make a home for him and his boyfriend. He’d never had a place to himself before. If he had tried doing this alone his mother wouldn’t have let it fly. However, she had trusted Mason from the minute she met him. Therefore she had all but shoved him out the door. “Mason,” Emerson said seriously, looking Mason in the eyes before grinning, “no one expects me.” Which was entirely true. He was a spitfire and no one knew what fireball they were letting into their home when they opened the door. 

That didn’t mean he wasn’t sweating the night he met Mason’s parents. He’d tried his best to stay calm and everything. Just for them. For Mason. For..their relationship. The minute he got a soda and some food in him was the minute it went downhill. Or uphill, according to Mason. Kissing Mason once more, Emerson nodded. “Yeah. I love you, too. A lot more than I can even explain. I love you enough to allow you to have books in the same room as me. That says something, at least.” Laughing, Emerson went back to one of the kitchen boxes and started unloading spices. He would do this for Mason and Mason only.

"Pinky promise?" Emerson asked, bottom lip almost pouting. There had been doubts within himself when he’d met Mason. He’s too smart for you. He has plans, he knows what he wants. He’s collected. By the time he guessed maybe it wouldn’t work out, Emerson had already fallen. So he swallowed the insecurities and moved forward. It happened to be the best decision of his life. Giving Mason an eskimo kiss, Emerson pinched his ass playfully and grinned. “More than anything huh? Theeeennn…maybe we can move onto something more fun to unpack?! Maybeeee like our clothes?” If he was lucky, Mason wouldn’t mind his goofing off and they could play dress up. 

Emerson had to be the best boyfriend ever. Mason couldn’t remember anyone else who had ever made him this happy before. It couldn’t even fully be described, but he knew he’d want to spend the rest of his life with Emerson. This was just the first step. Mason hugged him a little tighter before pulling back, a soft smile on his face. “You do a good job of it. And…I like hearing that.” He was the love of Emerson’s life, not someone else. It made him feel a little bit…proud that Emerson only showed off for him.

It still struck him, that this was going to be their home. Their home together. Mason had never expected to find someone to live with, let alone someone he’d want to spend the rest of his time with. “That’s the best part,” Mason replied, smiling softly. While it had taken some getting used to, he had decided he wouldn’t have it any other way. Emerson was perfect, no matter what anybody else said. Mason would spend the rest of his life proving it if he had to.

"It’s a miracle," he said with a grin. "You and books…who would have thought?" Mason had to laugh. When they first met, he could barely get Emerson to look at a book, let alone hold one. And now…well, the outcome was pretty much the same. But Emerson seemed to be a lot more tolerant of Mason’s reading habit, at least. He followed after Emerson, holding out his hand. "Pinky promise." He locked their fingers together, squeezing gently.

Mason jumped when he felt Emerson’s hand, letting out a squeak. Even after all this time, Emerson still never failed to make him blush whenever things got a little…handsy. It still wasn’t something he was used to, and he didn’t think he’d ever get used to it. But…maybe that wasn’t a bad thing. Surprises kept him on his toes, at least. “More than anything,” he confirmed. Mason pretended to think for a moment, tilting his head. He finally smiled and nodded. “I guess so. If you really want to that badly.”